Long Wang (王龙)
Tenured Associate Professor
Institute for Network Sciences and Cyberspace
Tsinghua University
Email: longwang@tsinghua.edu.cn
Phone: +86-10-62603270 (please email first)
Address: Room 3-212, FIT Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084, China
01/2017 ~ 01/2021 Led the Resiliency and Security of IBM Watson Platform (IBM Watson Cloud). Contracted value of US$144M.
10/2013 ~ 12/2016 Led the Disaster Recovery of Cloud Managed Services (the IBM flagship cloud for managed services). Contracted value of US$13M.
12/2014 ~ 12/2015 Architected Private Modular Cloud for S&P Global Inc. Contracted value of US$7M.
01/2011 ~ 09/2013 Led the Performance monitoring, remediation, and incident management of IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE, an IBM public cloud). Contracted value of US$5.5M.